We are replacing traditional mercury discharge lamps with UV-LED technology in mask aligners, steppers, and other photolithography equipment.

The semiconductor industry makes vast use of high-power radiation in the NUV spectral ranges (i-line 365 nm, h-line 405 nm, and g-line 436 nm) to create complex microstructures in photolithography processes. Producing integrated circuits (ICs), liquid crystal displays (LCDs), printed circuit boards (PCBs) or MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems), are major applications involving photolithography.

There is a strong trend in semiconductor fabrication, to move away from the traditional discharge lamp technology, which has long been the light source of choice. Retrofitting or designing new manufacturing equipment employing UV-LED exposure is now facilitated by integrating Primelite’s Advanced UV-LED light source as a subsystem.

Primelite’s advanced UV-LED light sources are particularly suited for following semiconductor manufacturing applications: