ALE/1C UV-LED exposure systems deliver highest output levels matching the illumination power of 1 kW and 2 kW mercury arc lamps.

Primelite’s Advanced Light Engine ONE C (ALE/1C) is a high-intensity incoherent spot light source for multipurpose industrial applications. It is based on UV-LED technology, offering various advantages over traditional high-pressure mercury discharge lamps, such as reduced power consumption and heat generation, extended service life, and less maintenance on the overall setup.

ALE/1C UV-LED exposure systems are built on a platform concept, which can combine a maximum of three UV-LED emitters in its optical path. These light sources are typically used in photolithography processes (semiconductor manufacturing) and industrial light curing applications.

Our ALE/1C systems are developed and manufactured in Munich – Quality Made in Germany.


Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C



  • Built-in solution for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Up to 50 Watts of broadband exposure (UV-LED 350-450 nm)
  • Closed-loop controlled output
  • Future-proof mercury-free light source
  • LED process stability and TCO benefits
  • Quality Made in Germany

Distributed Setup for Optimal OEM-integration

ALE/1C units follow a distributed design approach, typically made up of a Control Subsystem (CSS) and a single or multiple separate Exposure Subsystems (ESS). Very compact, yet extremely powerful: This design principle of our UV-LED exposure head allows for easy integration directly into your equipment. The light exit our Exposure Subsystem may be combined with a variety of available light pipes, light guides and additional (also customized) optics.

Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: System Concept
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: System Concept

Control Subsystem (CSS)

There are two versions of the CSS available: A stand-alone unit and a 4U 19” rack mount unit. Both ALE/1C CSS versions feature the same control interfaces, cooling system connectors, and a system status indicator. Additionally, the rack mount version provides an Exposure Test Key Switch on the front to activate light output without the requirement of external control signals.

Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Control Subsystem (Front View)
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Control Subsystem (Front View)

Exposure Subsystem (ESS)

ALE/1C light engines are light pipe coupled spot light sources. The system features a compact Exposure Subsystem (ESS), which can easily be integrated into your existing equipment (retrofitting) or new designs. Connected to a separate Control Subsystem (CSS), this UV-LED light engine provides all hard- and software necessary to control and drive the solid-state emitters, as well as all required optical components.

Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Exposure Subsystem (Front View)
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Exposure Subsystem (Front View)

Light Exit Options and Optics

We offer a selection of flexible liquid light guides, light pipes, homogenizers and condensing optics to be combined with the ALE/1C ESS. These components are particularly helpful, if you need to transmit high-power radiation over long distances, increase uniformity, or want to adjust the collimation angle of the output radiation. Please check our Primelite Performance Optics page for further information.


Primelite UV-LED Performance Optics
Primelite UV-LED Performance Optics

Standard Photolithography Setup with UV-LEDs 365 nm, 405 nm, and 435 nm

Our standard ALE/1C setup combines UV-LED emitters with peak wavelengths around the i-, h-, and g-line (365 / 405 / 435 nm) of the mercury spectrum. Whether you want to switch between wavelengths without changing filters, customize the compositon of your output spectrum, or want to make use of very intense broadband exposure, our ALE/1C provides you with highest UV-LED based radiation output in the spectral ranges between 350 nm and 450 nm.

Total output of our ALE/1C is up to 40 W or up to 50 W with an external chiller added to the cooling circuit.

Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C Spectrum
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Spectrum


Radiation output in WattsBroadbandI-line
 (350-470 nm)(350-385 nm)
Primelite’s UV-LED light source1  
ALE/1C (w/ external cooling)
Optics: Ø8.0 mm HEX AR
ALE/1C (standard)
Optics: Ø8.0 mm HEX AR
ALE/1C (standard)
Optics: Ø6.5 mm RND AR
Mercury arc lamp  
1000 W type3717
500 W type199
1 Deviation of ±10% possible

There is a wide range of options regarding the spectral composition of ALE/1C systems. Up to 3 LED Modules can be combined: Near UV (365, 385, 405, 435 nm), VIS (470, 520, 620, 660, 690 nm) and NIR-LED emitters (730, 770, 810, 850, 970 nm) are available.

System Properties and Specifications

Included emittersUp to 3 LEDs ranging from 365 to 970 nm
Total radiation output1Up to 40 W (50 W with additional external cooling)
Output intensity1Up to 100,000 mW/cm2
Numerical apertureVariable, depending on condenser optics
Control configurations
  • Individual LED power management and presets
  • High-resolution intensity adjustment (20-100%)
  • LED rise time approx. 1 millisecond
  • Continuous monitoring of optical output and feedback control via internal or external signal
Communication interfaces
  • USB: ALE/remote (ALE PC-Software)
  • PLC: Discrete interface
  • Fieldbus: As per customer requirement (e.g. CANopen)
Thermal management
  • Internal liquid cooling
  • External cooling (optional), for elevated output level
Dimensions (W H D)
  • ESS: 20 cm X 13 cm X 20.5 cm (7.9″ X 5.1″ X 8.1″)
  • CSS: 20 cm X 15 cm X 45 cm (7.9″ X 5.9″ X 17.7″)
  • CSS (Rack): 44 cm X 18 cm X 37 cm (17.3″ X 7.1″ X 14.6″)
  • ESS: 5 kg (11 lbs)
  • CSS: 9 kg (20 lbs)
  • CSS (Rack): 10 kg (22 lbs)
Power supply input110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1,000 W
Light Exit Options
  • Hex and round light pipes (Ø6.5 mm and Ø8.0 mm)
  • Customized condenser or focussing optics
1 Full spectrum measured at end of light pipe (Ø8.0 mm, HEX AR-coated); deviation of ±10%

Additional Features and Benefits

Unprecedented Usability and Process Control
  • Initial setup of the unit and internal emitters is a matter of minutes.
  • High resolution intensity adjustment and feedback controlled power output guarantee unprecedented precision and stability of your exposure process.
  • The ALE/1C is extremely fast, characterized by output rise times of less than 1 millisecond.
  • Extensive possibilities to set up each LED-Module and general exposure parameters help you to manage your application processes and enable new applications.
  • Long LED service life and single minute exchange of LEDs, which can be performed by the end user himself, dramatically reduce equipment downtime.


Standard Communication Interfaces
  • ALE/1C’s future-proof data interfaces, as well as its network oriented electronic component and software setup, allow for seamless integration in your (automated) production environment.
  • There is a variety of standard interfaces supported by the ALE/1C, including an external touch control panel, USB for ALE/remote Software, Discrete PLC Interface, and Fieldbus).

Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Control Subsystem (Rear View)
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Control Subsystem (Rear View)