UV-LED illumination for DMD/DLP® systems

Digital Mirror Devices (DMD) like Texas Instruments’ DLP® chipsets have grown increasingly popular in new technology systems. Maskless lithography (e.g., direct imaging equipment and maskless aligners), 3D printing, and computer-to-screen (CtS) printing are the main applications that rely on these optical MEMS.

Originally the DLP® technology was developed to create state-of-the-art systems for digital cinema projection. Instead of employing visible light (RGB), above mentioned industrial applications use UV-light for reaction with photosensitive coatings, resins and resists.

To enable fast processes and superior throughput, a DMD projection system for production environment needs a high-performance UV light source. While discharge lamps or laser diodes are and have been used in these systems, UV-LED illuminators have grown increasingly popular due to multiple advantages, including polychromatic exposure and TCO benefits.

Primelite distributes one of the most powerful UV-LED illuminators for DMDs. You can find more information here.

Broadband/Multi wavelength DMD illumination

Most applications just require a single wavelength setup. For example, there are DLP-based 3D-printers that use resins optimized for 385 or 405 nm. Nevertheless, many applications profit from a multi-wavelength UV-LED light source providing two (e.g., 385 and 405 nm) or three wavelengths (365/385/405 nm).

Those setups can provide superior curing capabilities when it comes to penetrating thick layers of resins. Furthermore, especially, adding 365 nm to the curing process helps to get better surface properties.

UV-LED DMD Illuminator Spectrum
UV-LED DMD Illuminator Exemplary Spectrum (365/385/405 nm)

Integration of DMD illuminator into your system

The UV-LED illuminator that we distribute provides very high UV radiation output. Therefore, liquid cooling is required to provide an enhanced lifetime at high performance. You might not only use a single DMD-based projection system but multiple in parallel, e.g., like in direct imaging equipment. A centralized liquid cooling system might serve multiple illuminators.

Primelite UV-LED DMD Illumination
UV-LED DMD Illumination: Exemplary System Setup

Highlights – UV-LED DMD illuminator

  • Highest output performance of up to 30W on a 0.95inch DMD
  • Unlike laser diodes, multi-wavelength setups available (365 nm, 385 nm, 405 nm)
  • TCO benefits of UV-LED technology
  • Improved operating safety unlike discharge lamps