Tailor made UV-LED and LED solutions for your application.

At Primelite, we work with our smart technology platform to speed up our design process while maintaining maximum flexibility. Cornerstones of the platform are our modular optomechanical components, our compact and efficient electronic driver design, as well as our versatile software architecture for high-performance LED systems.

Apart from customizing our standard products according to your needs, we also provide complete OEM solutions for your application within short lead time. We can support you all the way from initial consulting to development of your series products and have the capability to take over manufacturing of your OEM systems, too.

We develop and manufacture our custom solutions in Munich – Quality Made in Germany.

Primelite Customized UV-LED Equipment
Primelite Customized UV-LED Equipment


Two examples of these specific OEM solutions may include:

  • Built-in light engines delivering the radiation output (spectrum and power) you need which are optimized for the available design envelope. Your equipment may share components with our OEM subsystem (e.g., power supply or cooling system) to minimize the overall cost.
  • External/internal light engines that use diodes other than LEDs, like IR laser diodes.

Please contact us to start a discussion on your specific requirements and potential Primelite solutions.