Primelite @ SEMICON Japan with partner KLV

Primelite presenting UV-LED light source at SEMICON Japan

Together with our partner KLV, we will present the Advanced Light Engine ONE (ALE/1) at the SEMICON Japan in Tokyo from 13th Dec to 15th Dec.

There is a strong trend in the industry to move away from the traditional discharge lamp technology, which has long been the light source of choice in semiconductor lithography. Providing high-intensity UV exposure at the i-, h-, and g-line the ALE/1 is capable of replacing these traditional discharge lamps. Furthermore, there are additional UV curing applications (e.g., edge resist removal) that can profit from our system.

Visit us at booth No.3512 (East Hall 3) to discuss potential applications. If you are interested to meet with us at the SEMICON please reach out to Maximilian Dicenta (

Further information on SEMICON Japan.

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