New ALE/2 – large substrate UV-LED exposure solution

ALE/2 testing setup
ALE/2 testing setup

The Primelite engineering team has successfully concluded the development of the newest addition to our UV-LED product portfolio – the ALE/2.

This system aims to replace conventional mercury discharge lamps in the area of 3 to 5 kW. Similar to the ALE/1C the ALE/2 is a distributed UV-LED system that is directly integrated into any exposure equipment (e.g., mask aligner systems).

The ALE/2 features multiple LED arrays that can provide collimated exposure of highest intensities beyond 100 mW/cm2, even on large substrates like Ø200 mm (8 inches), Ø300 mm (12 inches), 200 mm x 200 mm or 300 mm x 300 mm. Being built based on our modular product platform, the ALE/2 UV-LED light source can provide monospectral (365 nm / I-line only) or multispectral, broadband exposure (365/405/435 nm / GHI-line).

More information on this system will be released soon.

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