Creating images and structures by combining projection technology with Primelite’s Advanced LED Light Engines.

Typical applications that profit from high intensities and multispectral radiation in the UV-spectrum are Maskless Lithography in the Semiconductor/PCB industry and Professional 3D Printing as well as Computer-to-Screen Printing.

The ALE/1 is capable of providing a superior light source for challenging exposure applications based on DLP® technology. Especially setups that require highest intensities and multi wavelength spectrum are perfectly fitted to the ALE/1. With a Numerical Aperture of 0.6 (beam half-angle of ±35°) our LED light engine is a perfect solution for DLP®-chip exposure.

The ALE/1 offers radiation power comparable to mercury discharge lamps, but with the lifetime and TCO benefits of LED technology. As a fibre-coupled light engine, it can be easily integrated into your DMD-based system. Make use of our advanced LED light source flexibility when it comes to custom spectral composition requirements.



Highlights – why ALE/1 for 3D-Printing

  • Single spot light
  • High intensities enable shorter/reduced process times
  • Broad wavelength spectrum for maximum variety of usable resins
  • Easy system integration with fibre-coupling
  • Advanced process control for complex, multi-step curing operations
  • Future-proof mercury-free light source



DLP® Application Solutions

Professional 3D Printing and Computer-to-Screen Printing
Ever since one key technology for 3D Printing has been the curing of photosensitive resins by exposing it to directed UV-radiation. Historically, a laser has been the light source of choice. In recent years the combination of DMDs (Digital Mirror Devices) and LED light engines gained increasing attention.

These high-resolution projection systems enable a process of creating structures layer by layer. Increasing resolution of DMDs for 3D-Printing applications provide the chance for larger build areas. Large build areas require a high-intensity light source — Primelite’s ALE/1. Furthermore, process time of photosensitive resins profit from ALE/1’s broader exposure spectrum.

The same configuration is also very valid for Computer-to-Screen Printing.

The ALE/1.2 with emitters at 385 and 405nm can provide ~10W (5mm light guide) and ~16W (6.5mm light guide). Other setups with more distant wavelength combinations (e.g., 365 and 405nm) are also possible.


Emitters 2 LEDs (385 and 405nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm
385±10nm 5,100 9,200
405±10nm 3,600 6,500
350-470nm 9,500 17,000
* Measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)


Maskless Lithography (single wavelength)

Beside conventional lithography for semiconductor and PCB applications maskless lithography or direct imaging systems (DI) based on projection chip technology gained significant importance.

Depending on your photoresists needs and the requirements of your optical setup you might choose single wavelength or multi-wavelength setups. Our single wavelength setups are available with emitters having a peak wavelength of 365, 385, 405, and 435nm. Setups with a light guide of 5mm diameter provide radiation output between 5 and 8W (depending on the wavelength). Using a light guide with a diameter of 6.5mm allows for 14.5W of optical output performance.


Emitters 1 LED (365, 385, 405, or 435nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm
365nm 5,500 9,500
385nm 7,500 14,000
405nm 8,000 14,500
435nm 5,000 9,000
* Full spectrum measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)


Maskless Lithography (broadband)
Some maskless lithography applications are currently using broadband photo resist and related to mercury are lamps that provide radiation in the spectrum of 350-450nm.

Our ALE/1.3 light engine containing emitters with peaks at 365, 405, and 435nm are perfectly for these kind of broadband exposure applications.


Emitters 3 LEDs (365, 405, and 435nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm
365±15nm 4,300 7,700
405±15nm 5,300 8,900
435±15nm 4,200 7,000
350-470nm 15,000 25,000
* Measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)


Additional DLP® Application Solutions
There are additional DLP® applications that do not require UV-exposure, but rather use non-UV DMD-chips, like the TI DLP® 9500 or 7000. For these systems, Primelite offers additional configurations of its Advanced Light Engine ALE/1. A potential 3 LED setup might contain emitters with peaks at 405nm, 435nm, and 465nm. Furthermore also configuration beyond UV with emitters in the VIS and NIR ranges are available.

Your applications can profit from the flexibility of the ALE/1 to cater for up to 5 different LEDs.


For more information on the product properties, technical concept and specifications of our systems please see Advanced LED Light Engines.