Maximizing the exposure performance in the UV spectrum for the most challenging industrial processes.

UV Curing and the utilization of light curable adhesives or coatings has seen considerable growth in automotive, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and optics manufacturing over the past years. Challenging cycle times in low and high volume production processes while meeting elevated quality standards concerning bond strength is continuously pushing the demand for extremely reliable high power light sources.

Primelite’s LED Light Engines take UV-Curing to the next level. Its feedback controlled high-intensity output easily outperforms 200-500W discharge lamps in every aspect.



Highlights – why ALE/1 for UV Curing and Exposure

  • Increased bond strength due to broad wavelength spectrum
  • Lower total cost of ownership and highest process stability due to LED-technology
  • Reduced process time
  • Utilization of light guides ease restrictions on installation space
  • “Deep pocket curing” thanks to highest intensity
  • Future-proof mercury-free light source



UV Curing and Exposure Solutions

Advanced Spot Curing (365/385/405nm)
The ALE/1 was developed to provide highest intensities of up to 80,000mW/cm² (in the spectrum of 350-470nm). These high intensities open up opportunities for enhanced or completely new applications.

Customers from the automotive or pharma industry, for example, can profit from reduced cycle times, and increasing output and efficiency. Investment amortization for these high-value processes is below 1 year.

Furthermore, the multi-wavelength setup of the ALE/1.3 (365/385/405nm) is especially suited for advanced curing tasks with thick layers of photosensitive material. Longer wavelength radiation (405nm) can penetrate deeper into the adhesive, while shorter wavelengths (365nm) cure the surface layer. The built-in control feature “Power Matrix” allows for flexible exposure management per wavelength (see figure below).

Power Matrix control feature
Power Matrix control feature

Area Curing (365/385/405nm)
Usually, LED-arrays are used to expose larger areas with UV-radiation. However, due to their flexibility fiber-coupled light sources are the “weapon of choice”, when it comes to curing larger areas with tight restrictions regarding installation space.

In order to have sufficient intensity on the application plane you need a strong spot light source. The ALE/1 as a spot light source provides highest radiation output. For example, using our customized optics gives you ~800mW/cm² on an area with the diameter of 54mm (distance: 100mm).

ALE/1 for Area Curing Applications
ALE/1 for Area Curing Applications

Edge Bead Removal in Semiconductor Applications
Most Edge Bead Removal solutions in the industry are solvent-based. However, particular applications prefer removal using high-intensity UV radiation. The ALE/1 is now capable of providing the needed intensity within the needed spectrum — applying all the benefits of LED-technology to this application. Systems relying on traditional discharge lamps are no longer needed.

Options in this field range from a ALE/1.1 with radiation only in the i-line spectrum to a full broadband ALE/1.4 solution with a continous radiation spectrum from 350nm to 470nm and up to 30W of radiation output. Using our light guides at a distance of 5mm will provide you with intensities at around 20,000mW/cm²


For more information on the product properties, technical concept and specifications of our systems please see Advanced LED Light Engines.