Primelite GmbH was founded in Munich, Germany, in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers and managers.

We presented a prototype of our first high-power UV-LED light source, the versatile, fiber-coupled Advanced Light Engine ONE, at the SEMICON Japan end of 2016. Series production started in early 2017.

From thereon, we continuously enriched our product portfolio: With advanced UV-LED exposure solutions making our standard-setting output performance available for mask aligner and wafer stepper systems in the semiconductor industry. Powerful UV-LED DMD Illuminators followed to complement our value proposition for PCB and maskless lithography applications, as well as for CtS-printing tools. Later, we added super reliable small footprint spot-curing systems to our product portfolio.

Providing superior value, we can now call some of the biggest names in the automotive, pharma, and semiconductor industry our customers.