DLP® projection system using Primelite’s ALE/1

Visit the annual DLP® Symposium, which will take place on November 9, 2017 in Hanau (near Frankfurt).

Our co-founder Frederic Jaeger-Booth will present the results of a joint project with leading DLP® design house IN-VISION®: A Fiber-coupled, multispectral projection system based on DLP® technology.

At last year’s symposium, Primelite presented its concept of a new multispectral LED light engine – the ALE/1 – which was successfully introduced to the market in 2017.

UV-LED DLP light engine

As part of a cooperation project, IN-VISION® developed a fiber-coupled projection prototype based on its technology platform. This system uses the ALE/1 as its light source for illumination. Different multi-wavelength setups were implemented and tested.

Our presentation will discuss the implementation of the fiber-coupled light source with the DLP® chip, the performance of the prototype system and optimization potential for a series product.

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