Our high-performance LED light engines are Primelite’s ready-to-use solution for demanding applications.

A high degree of flexibility and customization in spectral composition is achieved by our modular concept with up to 5 separate LEDs. Extremely stable output and extended lifetime characterize the system.

ALE/1 Front View
ALE/1 Front View




  • Up to 30 Watts of optical output
  • Future-proof mercury-free light source
  • LED process stability and TCO benefits
  • Customized spectral composition
  • Closed loop controlled output
  • Easy to integrate into new and existing setups
  • No external cooling required



Multispectral Modularity for Highest Intensities

The ALE/1 combines radiation power and spectral characteristics of a mercury discharge lamp with the TCO and process benefits of LED technology. Following a platform concept approach, the ALE/1 is capable of combining up to 5 high-performance LEDs in the optical path. This allows for significantly elevated radiation power levels across a broad output spectrum.

Almost unrestricted choice regarding the spectral composition of ALE/1 systems: LED-Modules in the NUV (365, 385, 405nm), VIS (435, 470, 520, 620, 660, 690nm) and NIR (730, 770, 810, 850, 970nm) ranges are available.

The emitters are available as LED-Modules “Regular” in combination with a 5 or 6.5mm light guides or LED-Modules “Plus” combined with 6.5 or 8.0mm light guides (and elevated performance).



Examples of potential combinations and related performance levels

ALE/1.1 (1 LED-Setups)

This ALE/1-setup provides highest radiation intensity focusing on a single peak wavelength. If your system is optimized for a single wavelength spectrum and does not profit from a broad spectrum, the ALE/1.1 is your preferred choice for high radiation output based on LED technology.

Spectrum of ALE/1.1 (single wavelength)
Spectrum of ALE/1.1 (single wavelength)


Emitters 1 LED (365, 385, 405, or 435nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 8mm
365nm 5,500 6,500 9,500 11,500
385nm 7,500 9,000 14,000 16,000
405nm 8,000 9,500 14,500 17,000
435nm 5,000 6,000 9,000 10,500
* Full spectrum measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)

ALE/1.2 (2 LED-Setups)

There are multiple 2-LED-combinations available, depending on your application needs. Potential setups including 2 high-performance emitters are: 365/385nm, 385/405nm, 365/405nm. These spectra are particularly popular in systems using DLP® chips or industrial curing applications.

Spectrum of ALE/1.2 (385/405nm)
Spectrum of ALE/1.2 (385/405nm)


Emitters 2 LEDs (385 and 405nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 8mm
385±10nm 5,100 5,900 9,200 10,800
405±10nm 3,600 4,200 6,500 7,600
350-470nm 9,500 11,000 17,000 20,000
* Measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)

ALE/1.3 (3 LED-Setups)

Two 3 LED-setups in the UV spectrum are available:

Covering the spectrum from 365nm to 405nm with high UV radiation power, the ALE/1.3 (365/385/405nm) is particularly suited for curing applications. This configuration with 3 high-performance LEDs provides you with full flexibility to combine and select the wavelengths available in order to profit from a broad spectrum exposure.

Spectrum of ALE/1.3 (365/385/405nm)
Spectrum of ALE/1.3 (365/385/405nm)


Emitters 3 LEDs (365, 385, and 405nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 8mm
365±10nm 2,700 3,300 5,000 5,700
385±10nm 4,500 5,500 8,300 9,500
405±10nm 3,800 4,600 6,900 7,900
350-470nm 11,500 14,000 21,000 24,000
* Measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)


Furthermore, there is the option to combine and select from wavelengths of the i-, h-, and g-line spectrum (365/405/435nm) in semiconductor lithography applications. Whether you want to switch between bandwidths or want to use a broader spectrum the ALE/1.3 is able to provide you with highest radiation output up to 25,000mW (all emitters combined).

Spectrum of ALE/1.3 (365/405/435nm)
Spectrum of ALE/1.3 (365/405/435nm)


Emitters 3 LEDs (365, 405, and 435nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 8mm
365±15nm 4,300 5,100 7,700 8,100
405±15nm 5,300 6,200 8,900 9,900
435±15nm 4,200 4,900 7,000 7,900
350-470nm 15,000 17,500 25,000 28,000
* Measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)

ALE/1.4 (4 LED-Setups)

The ALE/1.4, combining 4 high power LEDs in its optical path, covers the entire spectrum from 365nm to 435nm with high radiation power. Having photoresists that profit from a broad wavelength spectrum and/or are sensitive also to 385nm, the ALE/1.4 will be your choice.

Spectrum of ALE/1.4 (365/385/405/435nm)
Spectrum of ALE/1.4 (365/385/405/435nm)


Emitters 4 LEDs (365, 385, 405, and 435nm)
Radiation output*
in mW
ALE/1 ALE/1+
Light guide Ø 5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 6.5mm Ø 8mm
365±10nm 2,700 3,300 5,000 5,700
385n±10nm 4,500 5,500 8,300 9,500
405±10nm 3,800 4,600 6,300 7,300
435±15nm 2,300 2,700 3,800 4,400
350-470nm 15,000 18,000 25,000 29,000
* Measured at end of light guide (length 1.5m)



System Properties and Specifications


Included emitters Up to 5 LEDs ranging from 365nm to 970nm
Total radiation output* up to 30W
Output intensity* up to 80W/cm2
Numerical aperture 0.6 / 70° (2α)
Control configurations
  • Individual LED power management and presets
  • High-resolution intensity adjustment (1-100%)
  • LED rise time <10 ms
  • Continuous monitoring of optical output and feedback control via internal or external signal
  • Touch display
  • AUX: External switching device
  • USB: ALE/remote (ALE PC-Software)
  • PLC: Discrete interface
  • Fieldbus: As per customer requirement (e.g. CANopen, PROFINET)
Heat management Internal water cooling
Dimensions (W H D) 28cm X 23cm X 40cm
(11.0″ X 9.1″ X 15.7″)
Weight 15.0kg (33.1lbs)
Power supply input 110-240VAC / 50-60Hz / 1,000W
Light Guide Options
  • Active core Ø [mm]: 6.5 and 8
  • Single or multi-pole options
  • Standard length 1.5m; custom sizes available on request
  • Custom end fittings available on request
* Full spectrum measured at end of light guide (diameter 8mm, length 1.5m)



Additional Features and Benefits

Unprecedented Usability and Process Control
  • Initial setup of the unit and internal emitters is a matter of minutes.
  • High resolution intensity adjustment and feedback controlled power output guarantee unprecedented precision and stability of your exposure process.
  • The ALE/1 is extremely fast, characterized by output rise times of less than 10 milliseconds.
  • Extensive possibilities to set up each LED-Module and general exposure parameters help you to manage your application processes and enable new applications.
  • Long LED service life and single minute exchange of LEDs, which can be performed by the end user himself, dramatically reduce equipment downtime.

Full Flexibility for System Integration
  • Primelite LED Light Engines are designed as fiber coupled light sources to achieve maximum flexibility for system integration.
  • High transmission light guides efficiently transport the generated radiation to the point of application – no need for complex optics, less trouble finding the right place for the LED subsystem to fit into your manufacturing equipment.
  • Upgrading valuable existing equipment and designing new exposure units based on Primelite’s latest LED technology is straightforward.
  • The small footprint of the internally cooled light engine, application of high transmission light guides and standard communication interfaces make system integration a very manageable task.
ALE/1 Fibre-Coupled Light Source
ALE/1 Fibre-Coupled Light Source

Standard Communication Interfaces
  • ALE/1’s future-proof data interfaces as well as its network oriented electronic component and software setup allow for a seamless integration in your (automated) production environment.
  • Besides intuitive user interface via the touch display, there is a variety of standard interfaces supported by the ALE/1 (incl. AUX for external switching devices, USB for ALE/remote Software, Discrete PLC Interface, and Fieldbus)
ALE/1 Rear View
ALE/1 Rear View with Communication Interfaces