Customized LED subsystems specifically developed for your product.

Based on our modular concept, our electronic controller design, and software for high-performance LED systems, we are able to provide OEM solutions for high-volume applications. Our capabilities range from concept development to manufacturing of complex subsystems.

Our light engines are based on a technology platform that allows for variations beside the ALE/1 standalone product. The key feature of the platform is a super-precise control of high-performance diodes and the vast possibilities of communication with other systems.

Therefore, there is the possibility to design, develop and manufacture customer specific setups for high volume applications.




Two examples of these specific OEM solutions may include:

  • Built-in light engines that optimize installation space with respect to the number of needed emitters/wavelengths and the “mother system” design (e.g., shared cooling/heat management and power supply)
  • External/internal light engines that use other-than-LED diodes, like IR lasers.

Please contact us to start a discussion on your specific requirements and potential Primelite solutions.